Hard nose defense, competitiveness will drive Bulldogs

by Benita Fuzzell
2018-19 Fulton High School Bulldogs’ Basketball Team 2018-19 Fulton High School Bulldogs’ Basketball Team

Two returning starters, senior Drew Malray and junior Cam Madding will be the go-to Bulldogs for scoring, leadership and a solid perimeter defense, according to Fulton High School’s Head Boys’ Basketball Coach John Dillard.

Dillard will be at the helm for his third year coaching the Bulldogs, and will utilize both Malray and Madding, along with sophomores Amire Hobbs, Kire Tribble, and a rotation of Cade Malray and Rajon Hollowell to start for the 2018-2019 team.

With a solid foundation of quickness and sharp shooting from the team as a whole, Dillard believes the result will be the Bulldogs’ ability to play “position-less basketball.”

Sophomore Ladarius Coble, junior Brennen Walker, sophomore Amire Hobbs, senior Kameron Trice, and sophomores Kire Tribble and Keon Bean will fill the forward slots, with Drew Malray, freshman Camarae Cobb, Cade Malray, Cameron Madding Jr., Rajon Hollowell and Keandre Patton Jr. at the guard positions. Keith Martin, a senior and Jakairan Donald will take the center’s role.

“One of our biggest challenges will be rebounding,” Coach Dillard said, adding he will push for “tough, hard nosed, defensive mindset” when the Bulldogs take the floor.

District 1 opponents will be strong this season, but Dillard said he believes setting daily goals during practices, and striving to be better each day, will enable the team to be competitive.

“We will compete, and it’s my hope we compete hard, particularly on the defensive end of the floor,” Dillard said, adding the 2018-19 Bulldogs will focus on making opponents “uncomfortable” on offense.

Dillard is assisted this year by Coaches Jewel Martin, Daniel Augustus and Chris Mason.