Detention Center worker charged, arrested

November 29, 2018

Regena Adams, of Fulton, a contract kitchen worker at the Fulton County Detention Center in Hickman, has been arrested and charged with sodomy, 3rd degree and promoting contraband, 1st degree as the discovery of her inappropriate relationship with an inmate and for smuggling tobacco into the facility for the inmate.

According to a press release issued by Steven Williams, Fulton County Jailer, on Nov. 25, information was received and an investigation initiated into a contracted kitchen worker, identified as Adams, allegedly bring in contraband tobacco for an inmate. Adams is employed by the detention center's vendor, Summitt Foods.

In the police report, it states Adams admitted to having a sexual encounter with the inmate on one occasion. The report goes on to say that Adams was in a position of authority as a kitchen contract worker, overseeing inmates in the kitchen area. Adams also indicated she had introduced tobacco into the facility on two or three occasions and it was given to the inmate.

Adams had been a contractor at the detention center since May 2018.

She was transferred to the Ballard County Detention Center following her arrest.

The investigation is ongoing.