South Fulton Police Department provided new technology upgrade through grant funds

November 29, 2018

A new communications and data platform in the city of South Fulton's police department vehicles will give officers a new technology upgrade, through FirstNet cellular communications, mobile encrypted web access and new mobile computers.

Developed and built by AT&T, the FirstNet network is a cellular communications platform reserved for public safety.

Through the submission of a grant application completed by SFPD Captain Rusty Singleton, eight new lap tops will be mounted in vehicles used by the department, providing both primary and redundant forms of data security, communications and situational awareness, to help officers stay connected to the critical information they need.

South Fulton City Manage Jeff Gabbert stated "The decision to go with FirstNet was based on some very critical factors, including FirstNet is the only platform which gives police officers and first responders "always on" priority and preemption, meaning access to the connection needed is always there even if the cell networks are congested. This will help us keep the city we serve safe and secure."

"FirstNet allows us to have increased coverage and capacity over regular cell networks. It also allows us to have local control, we'll be able to allocate communications resources in near real time to support our first responders who need them most, and it is the only cell system purpose-built to the high standards of public safety," Gabbert added.

The new technology on the road will give SFPD a single dedicated network to easily communicate across agencies, other jurisdictions and citizens of South Fulton.