December 06, 2018

South Fulton City Commission will meet in special called session Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. in the South Fulton Commission room, with two items on the agenda, including whether to eliminate, change or continue the 40 cents per check fee previously approved by the commission, added to the amount paid by customers using a check for the payment of utility bills; and discussion of the water and sewer rate increase and audit from the Water and Wastewater Finance Board of the Comptroller's Office.

At a previous city commission meeting, the commission voted to authorize the purchase of equipment, and a monthly fee for service, to help alleviate the approximate $4,000 in returned checks received within one month at city hall for payment of utility bills. The equipment would immediately be able to determine whether sufficient funds were available in the account upon which the check was written. Costs for the service per month were to be passed on through the customer.