Clapp HCES ‘Teacher of Month’

December 24, 2018
Clapp Clapp

One of the “most loved” staff members at Hickman County Elementary is Nisa Clapp, who was recently named the HCES Teacher of the Month for December.

Everyone, including staff, students, and the administration, thinks the world of Clapp because of her upbeat attitude and wonderful compassion for students.

Having recently moved to preschool after more than four years working as a special education teacher, Clapp has adjusted quickly to the younger students. She always did an absolutely super job working with students in grades third through sixth, teaching students in subjects such as math and reading while also building positive relationships with everyone she encountered.
Now, Clapp is working with three- and four-year-old students, helping to prepare children for kindergarten by providing them with a foundation for learning.

Many may not realize that Clapp stayed after school for numerous afternoons, even giving up some weekends and fall break, to prepare for her preschool classroom, which opened in mid-November after Hickman County was awarded a grant to fund the fifth preschool class.
Typical of Clapp – or, as most of us call her, Ms. Nisa – we never heard her complain.

We love you, Nisa. You deserve to be the HCES Teacher of the Month for December.