Devils, Lady Devils tame Tigers

by Jake Clapper

The South Fulton High School Red Devils and Lady Red Devils hosted the Halls Tigers and Lady Tigers Dec. 20, as teams walked out of the gym with another win tacked on their record.

The Lady Red Devils Defeated the Lady Tigers with a final score of 59-27.

Amber Lemon and Allison Murphy led the Lady Devils in scoring.

Lemon had a total of 17 points. Lemon hit three- three point baskets and three field goals. Lemon also hit two of her four free throws.

Murphy also had a total of 17 points. Murphy hit one- three-point basketball and four field goals. Murphy was also 60% from the free throw line as she hit six of her 10 free throws.

Sophia Hodges contributed seven points, CaShayah McClerkin had five points, and Sophia McMinn had four points.

Marli Buchanan, Erin McDaniel, and Kailey Mayo each had three points a piece.

The Lady Red Devils hit 13 of their 22 (59%) free throws.

The Lady Red Devils are currently 3-7 for the season.

The Red Devils beat the Tigers 66-44.

Brock Brown finished the game with 18 points. 10 of Brown’s 18 points from hitting five field goals. He hit one three-point basket and was 100% from the free throw line hit all five of his free throws.

Bryce McFarland had 15 points. McFarland was also 100% from the free throw line as hit seven free throws.

Dashawn Bradshaw had 14 points. Rider Whitehead had eight points, Beau Britt had four points, and Blake Johnson had three points.

Eli Carlisle and Jaden Knott each had two points.

The Red Devils hit 17 of their 22 (77%) free throws.

The Red Devils improved to 5-6 on the season.

The Lady Red Devils and Red Devils will travel to Stewart County Thursday and Friday to compete in the Stewart County Christmas Tournament.