City of Fulton signs off on Airport land acquisition

by Benita Fuzzell

Fulton Airport Board chairman Barry Sharp was present for the Dec. 27 special called session of the Fulton Commission, to answer questions, if necessary regarding the acquisition of property adjacent to the airport.

Sharp told Mayor David Prater, Commissioners Elaine Forrester and Darcy Linn that the Federal Aviation Administration, to his understanding, would fund the purchase of property located at 1585 State Route 1909, in the amount of $50,000, owned by Johnny and Renee Brown, adjacent to the west end of the current airport runway.

While easements had been obtained from other adjacent property owners, for the implementation of instrumental approach from the west, to the airport runway, the purchase of Brown’s property was necessary, to assure there would be no obstructions for approaches, Sharp said.

City Manager Mike Gunn confirmed with Sharp that the city would not be liable for any expenses associated with the purchase of the property, with the only responsibility on the part of the city, to authorize Mayor Prater’s execution of the deed, as the buyer. The City, Gunn said, currently owns the property upon which the airport is located.

Sharp said as he understood it in addition to the $50,000 purchase price to be paid by the FAA, additionally, an amount up to $8,000 would be funded, for costs associated with the purchase, such as attorney fees, recording documents, or moving.

He said he also understood there could be liens against the property and wanted to make sure City Attorney Allison Whitledge or Fulton County Attorney and Airport Board member Rick Major was present for the closing on the property.

Through Municipal Order 2018-135, Mayor Prater was authorized to execute the necessary documents for the acquisition of the property owned by the Browns, for the Fulton Airport.

Commissioners Martha Vowell and Jeff Vaughn were absent from the meeting.