Lady Devils beat Gleason, Dresden, Greenfield...Photos by Jackson Doss

by Benita Fuzzell

South Fulton High School Lady Red Devils started the week off right on Feb. 5, hosting Mayfield Lady Cardinals and celebrating Senior night for members of their team, Anna Gore, Aubree Gore, Abbi McFarland, Addysen Wilson and Katie Barclay.

The Lady Devils won the contest, 69-34.

SFHS 69, Mayfield 34

The host Lady Devils swept past the Lady Cards 23-13 in the first quarter of play, and piled on 23 more points in the second quarter, stifling the offense for Mayfield and allowing only 4 points from their opponents.

Mayfield did gain a bit of momentum in the third quarter, scoring 10 points while South Fulton put up 11, with the start of the fourth quarter finding the Lady Devils up 57- 27.

Lady Cardinal L. Mayes led her team with 16 points, hitting two 2-point goals as well as two from 3-point range. She made good on six of six attempts at the free throw line. Her team mate S. Mandry had 8 points for Mayfield, connecting on three 2-point baskets and hitting two shots at the line.

Lady Red Devil senior Abbi McFarland recorded a game-high 21 points for SFHS, finding the net four times in 3-point territory and hitting three 2-point goals. She had a perfect three for three at the line.

South Fulton’s Maddie Gray had 20 points in the game, connecting on 10 of 12 free throws and hitting five 2-point baskets. Katie Barclay scored 10 points for the Lady Devils, hitting a 3-pointer, as well as three 2-point buckets and a free throw. Barclay also celebrated Senior Night.

Senior twin sister Aubree Gore and Anna Gore each scored 7 points in the SF win, both hitting two 2-point goals and a 3 point goal.

Journee Puckett and Reagan Johnson rounded out the Lady Devils’ scoring, contributing 2 points a piece.

South Fulton High School’s Lady Red Devils were three for three last week, recording wins against Gleason, Dresden and Greenfield.

SFHS 61, Gleason 43

On Jan. 30 the Lady Devils scored 21 points in the first quarter, to Gleason’s Lady Bulldogs’ 8, and held on to claim the 61-43 win.

In the third quarter of play, Gleason did outscore South Fulton, 7-3, and scored 16 points in the final stanza to South Fulton’s 12, but a couple of four point advantages could not overcome a 49-27 Lady Red Devil lead at the end of the third, and a final buzzer showing the Lady Devils 18 points on top.

Lady Red Devil Maddie Gray had 21 points to her credit on the night, hitting five 2-point goals, and making two baskets from 3-point range. Gray hit 5 of 8 free throws.

Anna Gore sank four 3-point baskets for South Fulton, was successful on 2 of three attempts at the line and hit three 2-point baskets.

Lady Red Devil Katie Barclay banked 14 points against Gleason, coming from hitting four 3-pointers, as well as both free throw attempts in the game. Abbi McFarland had 4 points, hitting two 2’s, and Aubree Gore and Caroline Barclay added 1 point each to the win.

Gleason’s Hollie Whitworth had 18 points, with Jaeda Perry had 7, and Hayden Beasley, 6 points.

SFHS 60, Dresden 47

The SFHS Lady Devils were ahead 15-12 at the end of the first quarter of play against Dresden’s Lady Lions Feb. 1, and a 9-9 second quarter point accumulation from both teams saw the score at 24-21, as that 3 point lead took the game into the second half for South Fulton.

A third quarter 14-9 point difference and a fourth quarter 22-17 advantage sealed the win for the Lady Devils, 60-47.

Maddie Gray led the Lady Devils with 26 points scored, tallying 11 two-point goals, a 3-pointer and a free throw.

South Fulton’s Anna Gore had 13 points in the win, hitting a three, plus three 2-point baskets and finding net on four of five free throws.

Abbi McFarland scored 11 points for the Lady Devils, from a perfect 6 of 6 at the line, a 2-point and a 3-point bucket. Katie Barclay had 5 points, hitting a three and and two, Addysen Wilson was good on two of two free throw attempts for her 2 points and Aubree Gore had 3 points, from a 2-point basket and a free throw.

Dresden’s Paisley Pittmans had 21 points for the Lady Lions, hitting eight of nine free throw attempts, five two’s and a three-point goal. Allie Spaulding scored 12 points in the Lady Lions effort.

SFHS 42, Greenfield 40

The lead shifted from one team to another more than once in the Feb. 2 matchup between the SFHS Lady Devils and Greenfield’s Lady Jackets, but in the end, it was South Fulton on top, by two, 42-40.

Greenfield first recorded the lead at the end of the first, 11-6, and held on by a one point lead at the end of the half, 21-20.

The third quarter would prove to be the motivator for the Lady Devils, as they outscored the Lady Jackets 14-7, and took a 31-28 lead going into the fourth.

While Greenfield scored a point more than the Lady Devils in the final round of play, it only took a 2 point advantage to call the game in favor of South Fulton at the final buzzer, 42-40.

Lady Devil Maddie Gray had 27 points in the win. She hit nine 2-point goals, two more from 3-point range and hit three of seven free throws.

Anna Gore had 6 points for South Fulton, hitting two 2-point baskets and two free throws. Abbi McFarland had 5 points on the night, from a two and a three, and Katie Barclay scored 4 points for the Lady Devils.

Greenfield’s Rayanna Fisher scored 16 points, hitting a three, two 2’s and nine of 10 attempts at the line. Anastyn Vujicic had 12 points, from two 2-pointers, two 3-point goals and 2 for 2 at the line.