Fulton Co. Magistrates' pay changed

by Barbara Atwill

Recently elected Fulton County Magistrates Jim Paitsel, District 1; Wade Adams, District 2; Hugh Caldwell, District 3; and Shaun Parks, District 4 met for the first time in a Special Called meeting on Jan. 7.

Fulton County Judge/Executive Jim Martin stated, “This is the first meeting of the new Fiscal Court. The Federal Government may not be open for business, but we’re open for business here, and will try to do the best we can do. A lot of folks have been looking forward to this first meeting and to see how this Court is going to react going forward. I have a lot of faith that we’re on the cusp of new ideas. The agenda will be a little different than in the past and we will see where it goes.”

“The Court was in session to predominately discuss personnel and appointments. By Statues this is the first day of the new term the Court can be in session and act,” said Martin.

The current personnel policy says the Magistrates recognize themselves as full-time employees with full-time benefits. This is the current law and Magistrates were previously paid a salary as if full-time and paid full benefits, as if they were full-time employees.

The Magistrates discussed the pay schedule for Magistrates, and by a unanimous vote, voted to become part-time employees with no benefits.

Following a request by Judge Martin, Magistrates voted for the elected County Judge to be able to opt out of paying in to the retirement system.

A motion was made to reduce the pay for the Magistrates, but was tabled until the next meeting of the Fiscal Court.

Each of these actions will save County Tax Dollars for the county.

Other action taken during the meeting included:

• Approved a $10,000 payment for the Fulton County Judge/Executive Surety Bond

• Approved the appointments of full-time Administrative Assistant Judge/Executive, Tommy Hodges; Finance Officer, Carol Parker; and Secretary/Emergency Management Assistant, Carol Parker

• Appointed Leslie Woods as County Treasurer, upon recommendation of Judge Martin

• Approved appointment of part-time Emergency Management Director, Leslie Woods; Emergency Management Deputy Director, J.L. Atwill; and Search and Rescue Coordinator, Randy Adams

• Approved appointments of Fulton County Employees for the Fulton County Detention Center, Fulton County Road Department, Fulton County Deputy Coroner Martha Newton, Janitorial Management – Debbie Eddington and Lisa Callison; and three Deputies paid from County Budget

• Approved appointments of Alan Coffey as Fulton County Road Department Supervisor and his three employees

• Approved payment of Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Deputies salaries beginning Jan. 1, 2019

• Approved the Fulton County Clerk’s Quarterly Report (Oct. – Dec. 2018 – Betty Abernathy)

• Approved Fulton Clerk Naomi Jones’ Budget for Calendar Year 2019

• Approved Fulton Clerk Naomi Jones’ Salary Order for Calendar Year 2019

• Approved the Fiscal Court meeting schedule for Calendar Year 2019, changing the time to the first Monday following the 10th of the month at 6 p.m., at the County Office Building.