Seaton no longer in Clinton Chief's post

by Becky Meadows

The Clinton City Council met in regular session Jan. 7 at City Hall in Clinton and follow-up discussion took place regarding City Council member Tommy Kimbro request for an explanation of a $600 payment to Billy Nelms for a contract during October 2018 and an additional labor charge of $180.90 for five hours at $36.18 per hour.

City Clerk Payne said that when she asked for an explanation of the $600 charge, she was told that it was a reoccurring monthly expense for a certified wastewater contractor.

Kimbro requested that the council review the contract with the water company at February’s meeting.

In the police report, Snapper Seaton told the council, “I have been here a week now and it has been a smooth transition.”

A motion for the council to go in to closed executive session to discuss personnel was passed by the council.

Upon returning from executive session, a motion was made to hire Snapper Seaton as Clinton Police Department Chief of Police. The council voted five to one, with Frizzell the only “yes” vote, against Seaton for the Chief of Police position.

Mayor Cox said that Seaton has the option to remain a police officer with the Clinton Police Department. Cox added that there is no acting Chief of Police and that the position will be advertised.

Kimbro requested that the city amend the city ordinance pertaining to the appointment of unelected officials to be in compliance with Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The council agreed to discuss the city’s policy on appointing unelected officials at their February meeting.

The second reading of an ordinance to close the abandoned alleyway that runs parallel to Highway 58 from North Washington Street to Craig Lane was heard passed by the council.

Chuck Meyer with Erb Equipment presented the council with four used backhoes to consider for purchase, with a decision on the purchase of a used backhoe tabled until the February meeting.

City Clerk Payne said that the city has received several calls regarding stray dogs in the area of East Clay Street and East Jackson Street.
Payne reported that Ward Animal Clinic is at capacity and unable to accept any strays.

Payne added that she had contacted area animal shelters in an attempt to find a location for the animals to be taken, and had been informed those shelters only accept animals from the counties where they are located. Payne says the city currently has no option for removing the dogs and urged the council to find a solution.

Kelly said he may have a contact to help the city find a solution to the stray dog issue. Kelly agreed to explore those options and report back to the council.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Fred Cox, City Clerk Shannon Payne, City Attorney Mary Potter, Snapper Seaton, Council members Alex Thomas, Chad Frizzell, Howard Dillard, Betty Morrow, John Kelly, and Tommy Kimbro.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned and the next meeting scheduled for Feb. 4 at 5 p.m.