Second graders weigh in.... What does Mom really want for Mother's Day?

May 07, 2019

As Mother’s Day approaches May 12, most will agree that a mother’s love is special to her children.

For those having a difficult time deciding just how to honor mom this Sunday, maybe these responses from second grade students at Fulton’s Carr Elementary, South Fulton Elementary and Fulton County Elementary will help explore options. They were asked just what their mom would want for Mother’s Day, if she could ask for anything.


Chocolate is her favorite candy – Jayce

Red roses, because they small good – Bella

A computer, so she can do her work – Ahmara

A ring – Chase

Flowers – Cayden

Red roses – Evan

A new dress, because she likes to look pretty – Kyllie

An iPhone – Jaquivous

New purse to put her wallet, keys and phone in – J’la

Money to buy new clothes – Kamarion

A plant – Lilli

Perfume, because she likes to smell good – Maci

A shirt with pink, purple and blue, because they are her favorite colors – Chays

To get her nails done, because she likes to change the nail color every week – Dariana

A ring – Johnathan

Pink roses – Shae-Lynn

New clothes – Zamarion

Flowers – Gabby

A new car, so she can take our family out of town – Alayah

Roses – Dalton

Some chocolate – Zavier


A pink flower – Jackson

Peace and quiet – Mackenzie

A new car to go to the park – Robert

Flowers – Walter

A new home – Aubrei

My mom wants Kylan – Kaelynn

A cozy blanket to sleep – Quanesty

It would be flowers, because my mom loves flowers so much. She won’t stop smelling them, not at all. – Deatrik

A good lunch with her family – Maliyah

$1,000 – Caleb

A flower – Gavin

A new car – Bryce

Our family to be happy and I want her to be happy – Brylea

Me, because she loves me – Jayda

A baby girl or a boy – Tatum

A new car – Taisha

Jewelry, or just anything green, or anything scary – Abigail

Vase full of aqua roses – Brody

A card because one time she asked me so I will get my Mom a card – Kari

Spend time with her family at the beach for six weeks and to have a fancy dinner every night – Madison

Go to a restaurant and she’ll ask for dad can cook for us – Zola

Money and breakfast in bed and to go to the beach and eat chocolates and strawberries – Harlee

Money – Ethan

Peace and quiet. But first I would give her chocolates and strawberries because she loves chocolates and strawberries. Then she can have peace and quiet – Makiyah

A bouquet, some jewelry, rest, mall tour, make-up and suckers – MaciLee

Go to the beach – Jaxon

The beach and taking her to a restaurant – P.J.

A windchime – Adelynn

Breakfast in bed – Molly

Rest – Christian

Lovely happy kids – Sydnee

A new puppy – Gracie

Money like $50,000 or more – Maurice

Take her on vacation to New York City and give her some money – Allay

Go out to eat at Chick-fil-a – Kylee


Big vase of flowers – Jamison

Two dog earrings – Drake

To see my two sisters, Katie ad Kasie, because she misses them – Natalie

Five foot piece of chocolate –

Candles, a vase of flowers and chocolate – Ellie

Flowers and love – Cali

A hug and some Luke Combs tickets – Jayce

Coke and coffee – Samantha

Knuckle sandwich – Lilie

A big piece of chocolate – Christopher

Go out to eat – Kiyah

A balloon that is shaped like a heart – Abby

1,999 dollars, so she can buy stuff – Liam

A necklace – Anna

A German Shepard, because she likes them – Ayden

A 5-week vacation at the water park – Lexi

Want to see my dad – Eric


Taylor Swift concert – Audrianna

A lot of money, this much 1 million dollars, and a puppy – Harlee

Help planting seeds, because we have a big garden – Katen

Massage and a pedicure – Hadlee

A surprise – Alyssa

Some hugs from. Her family – Maci

$5,000 dollars to buy a new house and to pay water bills and electric bills – Jaleigh

A vacation to Fort Morgan Beach to get away from noisy kids – Alli

A pig and a goat and a horse and hay for the goat – Lilly

Make-up, because every girl wants make-up – Hayden

Help her take care of my baby sister, and help her find her keys – Jayrenia

Chocolate and pizza – Jocalynn

A new Volkswagen bug and 5,000 dollars, and go to Hawaii and see volcanoes. I will say I don’t have the money for this – Ryder

A little dog with brown fur – Bella

Chocolate – Corbin

A card and me to go outside for ten hours. My mom loves cards, she has 1,000,000,000 cards in her room and I am not going outside – Conner

Some pots of flowers to put in our yard – Malaya


Flowers and a break from me – Abby

A new house down by the beach and some money, because I do cheer. That cost a lot of money and I want to do it next year – Lily

A nice necklace – Avery

A truck, because she doesn’t have one yet – Andrew

A pool, two story house, a Starbucks coffee – Kinlay

5 million dollars, and a dogwood tree – Rylee

Back massage and a nice warm bath with bubbleys – Paylin

For me and my little brother to stop fighting –

$1,000,000,000,000 – Brady

1,000,000,000 dollars – Jayce

A lot of money – Jakob

To spend time with me – Ashlynn

Lemon brownies – Parker