School Board approves FIS Student Code of Conduct for 2019-20

by Benita Fuzzell
FIS TEACHERS OF THE MONTH – Three educators were recognized as Teachers of the Month during the Fulton Independent Schools Board of Education meeting May 21. Jennifer Caldwell was awarded March Teacher of the Month for Fulton Middle/High School; Tammy Crumble was awarded Teacher of the Month for April for Fulton Middle/High School; and Morgan Wade was awarded Teacher of the Month for May for Fulton Middle/High School. (Photo submitted) FIS TEACHERS OF THE MONTH – Three educators were recognized as Teachers of the Month during the Fulton Independent Schools Board of Education meeting May 21. Jennifer Caldwell was awarded March Teacher of the Month for Fulton Middle/High School; Tammy Crumble was awarded Teacher of the Month for April for Fulton Middle/High School; and Morgan Wade was awarded Teacher of the Month for May for Fulton Middle/High School. (Photo submitted)

Fulton Independent Schools’ faculty and staff were honored during the May 21 FIS Board of Education meeting, including Brittany Moxley, March Employee of the Month, for Carr Elementary, Jennifer Caldwell, March Teacher of the Month, FMS/FHS, Mark Roberson, April Employee of the Month, Carr Elementary, Melissa Trice-Martin, April Teacher of the Month, FMS/FHS Tammy Crumble, May Employee of the Month, Carr Elementary, and Morgan Wade, May Teacher of the Month at FMS/FHS.

Enrollment figures presented for board review reflected a district total of 306 through April, with 23 Kindergarten students enrolled, 25 in first grade, 25 in second grade, 30 in third, 32 in fourth, 30 in fifth, 19 in sixth, 18 in seventh, 17 in eighth, 21 in ninth, 26 in 10th, 20 in 11th and 20 in 12th grade.

There was one transfer from out of state school, into second grade; two transfers from outside of the district into third grade, and two transfers from outside the district into sixth grade.

Two sixth grade students re-enrolled into another Kentucky district; one seventh grade student moved out of state, two ninth grade students re-enrolled into another Kentucky district and one 11th grade student moved out of state.

In the personnel report, presented by Superintendent Dr. DeAnna Miller, appointments included Maria Jackson, Substitute Custodian, Thomas Mulcahy, Substitute Bus Driver and Kayla Roach, Instructional Assistant. One resignation was reported, for Bridges Holland, Substitute Bus Driver.

Fundraisers approved included the Fulton High Schoo Football Team, to sell window stickers, with proceeds going to purchase equipment; the Fulton High School Track team to sell plate lunches June 7 and July 12, to go toward Track supplies; Fulton High School Football team to sell plate lunches June 21 and July 26 for equipment; Fulton High School Football team to sell Bulldog fan gear and spirit cups, for football expenses; Fulton High School Boys Basketball team to participate in Wendy’s Profit Sharing Program, June 1-30, with proceeds to go toward camp fees.

Superintendent Dr. DeAnna Miller was given board approval for a travel request to attend the KASA Conference Planning Committee, at no cost to the district, in Frankfort June 18.

Board members approved the Activity Fund budgets for the 2019-2020 school year, totaling $23,650.75 for the beginning balance of all designated funds, estimated receipts at $75,525, estimated expenditures, $66,031.18 with an ending balance of $33,144.57.

Those figures reflect activity in house activities, elementary student council, middle school football, boys basketball, cheerleaders, girls basketball, Beta Club, softball, Bulldog All Stars, General Fund, High School girls basketball, football, boys basketball, baseball, softball, Track, cheerleaders, drama club, science club, Beta Club, FCB, yearbook, volleyball, concessions, student vending, FEA, high school academic team, high school student Council, Bulldog Academy, Wrestling, Carr Lounge Fund, FHS Lounge Fund, Flower Fund, Beda’s Bills, Project Graduation, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen class funds.

As a result of the receipt of a federal preschool grant through collaboration with Murray Head Start, the FIS district will offer full day preschool for students in two classrooms.

Additional preschool positions must be created because of the expansion with salary costs for the three positions to be reimbursed to the FIS district though the preschool grant.

According to Dr. Miller, the district has previously offered two half day sessions and will now be able to offer two full day sessions.

A preschool certified position and two new classified preschool teaching assistant positions will be created, per board action.

Alexander Thompson Arnold was awarded the 2019-2020 Auditor of Accounts position for FIS, at the recommendation of Dr. Miller, with full board approval.

With the district’s bond of depository set to expire June 30, the board considered action regarding the awarding of the designation to Citizens Bank, previously holding the district’s bond accounts, activity accounts, general fund account, certificate of deposits and scholarships. Heritage Bank hold the Mary Hughes Burrow Scholarship account, and Reelfoot Bank, the McGee Scholarship account.

Citizens Bank was the board’s choice to continue the designation of Bond of Depository.

Dr. Miller reported she had submitted an application for the Striving Readers Comprehensive Learning grant in March, 2018, and FIS was awarded the two year grant totaling $440,000 to improv reading comprehension and achievement for students ages birth through 12th grade in the school district. FIS was also awarded a $10,000 Title IV grant to provide additional opportunities in the effective use of technology.

A Capital Funds Request in the amount of $41,529 for the purpose of paying for the new boiler at Carr Elementary, the architect fee for Facilities Plan and the KISTA bus lease.

A Memorandum of Agreement with Four Rivers Foundation Board, for the promotion of Literacy, Career Exploration and Career/College Preparation was given board approval, associated with the district’s partnership with the facility formerly known as the Fulton County Area Technology Center/Vocational Center in Hickman, which serves students at Fulton Independent, Fulton County and Hickman County, as well as the expansion of services to Carlisle County and Graves County.

Overnight trips were approved for the FHS Track team to compete in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association Class A State Championship at the University pf Kentucky, as well as an overnight trip requested by FHS Boys Basketball Coach John Dillard to attend the Ole Miss Men’s Basketball Team Shoot Out at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Miss.

School Board member and Assistant Track Coach Rea Jones reported to the board that only four girls would be attending the state track meet, and asked if instead of taking the bus, a smaller vehicle could be utilized to save money. She noted that the track team budget is limited as their competitions do not garner admission or gate money.

Dr. Miller stated that due to state regulations, no vehicle other than one owned by the school district could be used to transport the students.

Jones also noted a number of fundraisers are planned to assist with the Track program’s expenses. She requested the board assist in any way possible to help the team with expenses.

Dr. Miller noted the boys basketball team trip could be funded by proceeds earned from the program’s fundraisers.

A contract with Memory Book was extended for another year, through Jostens, for the 2019-2020 Carr Elementary Memory Book/yearbook.

In other business, the board:

• Approved the proposed 2019-2020 Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, for the first reading

• Adopted the proposed Tentative Working Budget for the 2019-2020 school year

• Approved the 2019-2020 Technology Plan

• Approved the proposed 2019-2020 Certified and Classified schedule and the Extra Duty Salary Schedule

During the portion of the meeting’s agenda designated for public comment, Fulton resident Tim Hacker questioned the variation in credentials referenced in the FIS data base, regarding teachers currently employed within the district.

Dr. Miller addressed Hacker’s concern, noting in the state of Kentucky, it may appear all teachers may have a variety of different credentials to their credit.

She said certain credentials are listed for teachers going into their first year in the classroom teaching, while others may be in the process of becoming certified in areas through Alternative Certification Programs through a university, such as Murray State University.

Dr. Miller noted there was a circumstance which resulted in an English teacher, certified in English, who majored in Math and then changed the Major to English. That teacher was designated on Emergency Certification to teach math, but had since become certified to teach math.

Another teacher within the district had minored in Spanish, was currently teaching Spanish but in the process of completing certification for Spanish.

Sarah Townsend, Special Education Director also reported there were occasions when the need for students to utilize special education hearing and visual services would be filled by contracted sources, whenever that need occurred.

Board members present included Chair Debbie Vaughn, Carol Bransford, Rea Jones and Christy Pettigrew.