Obion Co. School Board extends deadline for potential DOS candidates

by Benita Fuzzell

Two groups of Obion County Schools’ students were recognized during the June 3 regular session of the Obion County Board of Education, including the Obion County Children’s Choir and the Obion County Angler Teams, with recognition also provided to the Obion County Schools Leadership Academy 2018-2019, during regular School Board session June 3.

Meeting at the Board of Education office in Union City, Tenn., board members Fritz Fussell, Keisha Hooper, Tim Britt, Kyle Baggett and Terry Adams recognized Obion County Children’s Chorus teachers Ped and Jeanne Foster, and chorus members Briley Baehler, Caroline Barclay, Emily Blaylock, Emma Bratton, Anna Brunson, Kayderai Bullion Elizabeth Daniels, Paislee Dew, Katelyn Dixon, Ellie Evans, Morgan Fraley, Piper Fraley, Lauren Glissen, Hannah Hedge, Trey Jackson, Lilly Jones, Trinity Kemler, Grayden Lee, Remi Lee, Vivian may, Laina Ruth Moses, Darcy Orton, Bronson Pergande, Kerrigan Reynolds, Madisyn Riddle, Bella Sanders, Ella Sergerson, Lauren Smith, Levi Spraggs, Allison Staggs, Isabella Stephens, Jentry Sydnor, Brinklee Wetzel, Chance Wigdor and Melanie Winstead for their work in the program the preceding school year. Choir members in attendance performed selections for the board.

A Resolution to Recognize and Commend the Obion County Angler Teams was read and presented by Harper, noting 31 students participate in the program, as of the 2018-2019 school year, with nine eighth grade students joining the ranks this year.

The team placed eighty of 232 nationally qualified teams at the National Championship, fourth and 21s of 65 multi-state teams, tied with 110 other teams for the last of 167 multi-state teams at the Dale Hollow Open, placed 1st 7th and Big Bass among 42 state wide teams at teh State Championship on Kentucky Lake in Camden, Tenn.

South Fulton Elementary teachers Deanna Porter and Eric Lipford, South Futon Middle School teachers Nick Ritter and Dawn Robertson and South Fulton High School teacher Regena Lindsey were among those recognized as completing the course for the Obion County Schools Leadership Academy for the 2018-2019 school year. Others who completed the course were Obion County Central High School teachers Rebekah Carmen, Maria Matheny and Mollie Scott, Lake Road teacher Antie Partin and Ridgemont teacher Kellie Wisener.

Course participants included Sarah Frazier, OCCHS, Allison Kail, Hillcrest and Kristin Yates, Black Oak.

Moranda Johns was approved as a substitute teacher for the system.

Director of Schools Dr. Leah Watkins recommended appointments to the Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority for one year appointments, with the board approving the recommendations of Greg Barclay, George Leake, Vikki Hayslett, Adam Stephens, Craig Rogers, high school Administrator and Sandy Simpson, elementary Administrator. Hollowell chairs the committee.

As per a request from Sarah Frazier, Obion County High School Agriculture teacher, the board approved the declaring of surplus for a two horse trailer, no longer of use by the Ag Department. Frazier further requested the proceeds generated from the sale go into an account to fund the Ag program’s large animal laboratories.

Three bids were approved by the board, for the purchase of bread from Flowers Baking Company, for $19,720; Atlas Manufacturing for the purchase of a Greenhouse replacement for $25,120; and to Central Technologies, Inc., for one year Fortigate 8 x 5 Service Agreement, for $13,500. The other bid received for that solicitation was from CDW for $13,700.

Board members approved the Resolution Concerning School Federal Projects Budgets, in association with the state of Tennessee’s final approval as to various federal projects subfund budgets within the School Federal Projects Fund Budget, including for the fiscal year ending une 30, 2020 for the No Child Left Behind Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Carl Perkins Vocational projects, 21st Century Community Learning Grant, the State’s First to The Top Act, and any other Federal funds flowing fromthe federal government througj the State of Tennessee to Obion County Schools.

Five amendments were approved to the General Purpose School Fund Budget.

Those amendments included a $5,000 revenue increase and a $5000 expenditure increase to the General Purpose Food Service Fund Budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, the result of the receipt of a grant for 2019 Breakfast after Bell, to purchase breakfast carts with computers of the Obion County Central Lunch program. Additionally, another amendment to the General Purpose Food Service Fund Budget was for an increase in revenue through gifts and contribution of $5000, and expenditures of $5000 for food supplies.

A General Purpose School Fund Budget amendment was approved for the receipt of the Read to Be Ready Summer Grant, to fund a summer program at South Fulton Elementary and Ridgemont, for an increase of revenue, $37,000 and expenditures in the amount of $37,000t to allot for teachers, educational assistants and other costs for the program.

A General Purpose School Fund Budget Amendment was approved for an increase of $7990 and likewise an increase in expenditures of $7990, associated with the receipt of a Mentors Matter grant, providing educator candidates to contribute knowledge in the field that will lead to effective educators, with revenues and expenditures at $7,990.

The final General Purpose School Fund Budget amendment was associated with damage to a school bus in April 2019, caused by a collision, with insurance recovery funds received in the amount of $20,633, and expenditures for vehicle parts in the same amount.

All Budget amendments were approved by the board.

Board Chair Fritz Fussell and board members revised the deadline for the acceptance of resumes for the Director of School’s position during regular board session Monday night, upon a request from Adams to add the item to the board agenda.

Adams expressed his concerns about the original deadline of June 7, noting with vacations underway, a week’s extension could allow for more potential candidates to have time to submit resumes and express an interest.

The new deadline the board chose is June 14, for Director of Schools candidates, per unanimous board action.

School Health Coordinator Chastity Homra updated the board on services in kind provided to Obion County students by health care providers, totalling some $66,449.69, and including screenings for vision, hearing, dental and medical care, during the 2018-19 school year.

She reported students were screened for vision, with 15 provided glasses or contacts, five were treated for hearing issues, 10 were identified with blood pressure issues, 315 were provided with dental screenings and 188 were provided with sealants.

Homra also reported LeBonheur provided $9,426 in services.

With the installation of a water bottle filling station at Obion County Central High School, on a trial basis, and a favorable reception by the students, Homra said plans are underway to install a water bottle filling station at all campuses within the system for the 2019-2020 school year.