Letter to the Editor from Fulton County Schools Superintendent supports school choice

February 18, 2020

To the Editor,

Over the last seven years, Fulton County Schools has worked to become the school of choice for the students, parents, and communities of Fulton County. Fulton County High School has been recognized as an award-winning high school by the U.S. News & World Report for two years, and all three schools have been recognized as high progress schools.

The Fulton County Board of Education will not waiver from the ideology that the district strives to be a district of choice for all students. They believe in the idea of a free appropriate public education for all and hold true to the “any and all” policy so that every family in the county has a choice on where to send their child(ren).
The district has seen a 10% growth in enrollment over the last three years and wants to continue being the school of choice for parents and their children. No school district should dictate what is best for your child and we will continue to welcome “any and all” students in the county who want to come and be a part of Proficiency, Positive Relationships, and Pilot Pride.

The district has not only become financially stable, but through strong fiscal management has substantially strengthened the carryover for the district.

The board and administration, as well as, the staff and students have responded to Senate Bill 1 through having a director of safety, a new school resource officer (SRO), and a posted guidance counselor position for the elementary/middle school building.

Walkthroughs and trainings are done to ensure that the Safe School’s Plan is being followed and the students’ safety is our first priority.

School personnel have written and received over $16 million in grant money in the last seven years through local, state, business, and foundation grants.
Strong partnerships and grant funding are responsible for the Four Rivers Career Academy (4RCA) and its updated equipment and growing programs; the new Project Lead the Way Computer Science Program that spans K-8 and adds a IT high school pathway next year; the Financial Literacy Program for middle and high school students; an app that allows for students to have an individual learning plan through Tassel Pathway; a new EMT class at the 4RCA; an agricultural dual credit pathway; and an expanded preschool program that is showing strong increases in Kindergarten Readiness Skills.

Fulton County High School has a strong community and regional support through the Pilot Academy, its local community and regional sponsors, and the Four Rivers Foundation, for the dual credit program and the Best Day Ever program that allows every student in the high school to job shadow each year which leads to career exploration, stronger partnerships, and job opportunities for our students.
The district has received a KDE Kentucky Academic Standards grant in which teachers will be working after school to align the new academic standards to the curriculum. Saturday tutoring day is offered at the elementary school and after school math and reading ACT/KYOTE tutoring is offered at the high school with additional tutoring offered at the 4RCA to assist students in meeting their transition readiness goals.
There are many innovative, fun, and exciting programs offered throughout the year to our students and our goal is to make these opportunities open to “any and all” children in the county that want to join us.

Aaron Collins

Fulton County Schools Superintendent