Slayton wins 2020 Ken-Tenn; large crowd in attendance

by Benita Fuzzell

John Slayton of Jackson, Tenn., claimed his third victory in this past weekend’s Jasper Vowell Men’s Ken-Tenn Invitational Golf Tournament held at Fulton Country Club.

Slayton shot a 68 on Saturday, followed by a 69 on Sunday, one shot ahead of second place Championship Flight winner, Ron Mangold, who shot a 66 his first day, followed by a 72 on Sunday.

After the front nine on Sunday, Slayton had a two shot lead. Mangold birdied on #13, with Slayton three shots ahead, and then Mangold parred on #14 while Slayton bogeyed on #14.

Slayton maintained a two shot lead into #18, with Mangold then chipping in for Eagle on #18. Slayton then two putted for Birdie to win by one.

“It reminded me a lot of the old Ken-Tenn tournaments,” said Kirk Vowell, referring to the number of spectators on hand throughout the course.

“We had a ton of people, it was unbelievable,” Vowell said.

In the Championship Flight, finishing in third was Brenden Cabellero, followed by South Fulton’s Justin Johns in fourth.

Luke Beadles, son of Twin Cities’ native Todd Beadles, and grandson of Terry and Darlene Beadles, won the Junior Division.

First Flight winner was Scott Carpenter, in second was Bo Biehslich, third, Javin West and fourth, Trent Johnson.

In the Second Flight, Michael Bradley was first, Nick Channey, second, Tyler Abernathy, third and fourth, Harrison Hawks.

David Woolf won the third flight, followed by Ryan Graves in second, Jeff Britton in third and Gregg Blake, fourth.

Mike Hawks claimed first in the fourth flight, with Carter Hodges in second, Justin Stokes in third and Tim Shanks in fourth.

Senior Division winners included Mitch Moss in first place, Hoyt Moore, second and Marc Johnson, third.

Super Senior Division winners were Johnny Campbell in first place, Terry Beadles, second and Corky Adams, third.

Over the June 27-28 tournament, individual flight and division participants and Saturday-Sunday scores were as follows:

Championship flight, Ron Mangold, 66-72; John Slayton, 68-69; Brenden Cabellero, 71-69; Justin Johns, 71-69; Tony Robinson, 72-79; Tyler Buckingham, 72-80; Cody Martin, 72-81; Colin Dotson, 72-82; Luke Beadles, 73-70; Carter Dotson, 73-77; Brian Craven, 74-81; David Proctor, 72-78; Garrett Adams, 75-72.

First flight, Scott Carpenter, 75-68; Houston Lancaster, 75-73; Nathan Moore, 75-76; Bo Biehslich, 75-68; Ray Howard, 76-76; Mason Chandler, 76-73; Mickey Brockwell, 76-69; Greg Grissom, 76-75; Trent Johnson, 77-67; Brian Henson, 77-72; David K. Brundige, 77-75; Keith Rogers, 77-82; Jim Cash, 77-77; Javin West, 77-67; Shawn Flint, 78-74; Nick Daugherty, 78-72; Ben Mitchell, 78-75; Buddy Edgins, 78-77; Chase Mayfield, 78-72; John Fulcher, 78-80; Johnny Hutchins, 79-75; Don Crews, 79-86; David Hutchins, 79-80; Terry Roof, 79-76; Rob Coffey, 79-74; Bobby Shiavone, 79-86; Kyle Clouse, 79-82; Ryan Choate, 79-69; and Auston Swafford, 81-70.

Second flight, Tyler Abernathy, 80-76; Michael Bradley, 80-72; Bedford Dunavant, 81-84; Matthew Moss, 82-82; Bruff Jackson, 82-88; Randy Cooper, 82-76; Trey Pattillo, 82-80; Troy Shanks, 82-78; Roger Dunn, 82-90; Randy Conner, 82-80; Randy Mann, 82-83; Harrison Hawks, 82-75; Hunter Hutchins, 82-79; David Lax, 83-90; Bryan Byrd, 83-84; Phillip Davis, 83-83; Jon Paitsel, 83-79; Greg Hodges, 84-77; Lee Haberle, 84-79; Will Allen, 84-76; Jeff Biehslich, 85-87; Todd Steven, 85-80; Nick Channey, 85-68; Tim Britt, 85-86; Kevin James, 85-82; Rob Heistsman, 85-79; and Corbin Hawks, 85-83.

Third flight, Gregg Blake, 86-80; Curt Lee, 86-85; James Todd, 86-81; Chris Powell, 86-91; Chris Puckett, 87-81; David Woolf, 87-77; JEff Shepherd, 87-86; Pat Gossum, 87-92; Jeff Vowell, 87-87; Todd Martin, 87-98; Steve Smith, 88-79; Eli Mantel, 88-80; David Brundige, 88-92; Ryan Graves, 88-76; Andy Lacewell, 88093; Tommy Lynn, 88-81; Chase Hodge, 88-87; Kevin EcEwen, 89-85; Wayne Benson, 89-89; Ken Landry, 89-89; Rick McDonald, 87-81; Wes Miller, 89-84; Michael Gossum, 89-85; Michael D. Burnett, 89-88; Jeff Britton, 89-77; and Dennis Clark, 90-87.

Fourth flight, Carter Hodges, 90-86; Denis Clark, 90-87; Geray Hodge, 90-89; Mike Hawks, 91-80; Tom Hedrich, 91-90; Chris Copeland, 91-93; Justin Stokes, 92-85; Mike Baker, 93-93; Tim Shanks, 93-81; Adfin Johnathan, 94-87; Earl Fortner, 94-105; Fred Barnard, 94-95; John Fisher, 95-88; Brad Johnson, 97-94; Kenny Abbott, 97-95; David M. Pirtle, 100-98; Tim McClay, 100-97; Brinden Ray, 101-96; Tim Graham, 102-87; Greg Hagan, 104-86; John Sullivan, 107-95; Blake Abbott, 113-WD; Michael Franklin, 114-100.

Senior Division, Mitch Moss, 77-77; Hoyt Moore, 84-75; Marc Johnson, 85-84; David Peeples, 88-89; Hugh Wright, 96-90; and Rick Holmes, 88-94; Super Senior division, Corky Adams, 76-82; Johnny Campbell, 78-74; Gary Grooms, 82-80; David Rousch, 82-78; Rusty Anderson, 83-84; Jerry Carpenter, 86-94; Jim Bushart, 91-87; David Mann, 95-89; Terry Beadles, 81-74; Johnny Marcum, 81-77; Ted Barclay, 86-81; and Tommy Lynn, 88-81.