Fulton County, Hickman County candidates meet Kentucky’s Aug. 14 filing deadline

August 14, 2018

Independent candidates and other political organization or group candidates who wish to seek certain offices on the General Election ballot in November must file no later than Aug. 14, according to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The Aug. 14 filing deadline also applies to candidates for school boards and nonpartisan candidates for city offices in cities that waive the Primary Election.

Following the Aug. 14 filing deadline, public drawings for ballot position will be held in the filing officials’ offices at 2 p.m. local time on Aug. 16.

The filing deadline for Independent candidates and other political organization for the November General Election was Aug. 14 at 4 p.m., according to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

According to a press release from Bradford Queen with the office of the Secretary of State law requires that most independent, political organization or group candidates for most offices except federal offices, must have filed a statement of candidacy form no later than April 2, 2018, to be qualified.

Local candidates filing for office include:

Fulton County Sheriff – Derek Goodson

Fulton Mayor – David Prater

Fulton City Commissioner – Elaine Forrester, Darcy Linn, Martha Poe Vowell, and Jeff Vaughn

Fulton Independent School Board (three positions available) – Carolethia “Carol” Bransford and Christy Pettigrew

Fulton County School Board – Barry Patrick, Rob Garrigan, and Kim Hagler

Hickman Mayor – Heath Carlton

Hickman City Commissioner – Phillip Williams, John Wiley Gannon, Robert Griggs, and Judy Powell

Other candidates appearing on the ballot in November include:

County Clerk – Naomi Tuisl Jones

Circuit Clerk – Jaime Mathews

County Attorney – Richard L. Major, Jr.

County Coroner – Matt Moss

County Jailer – Steven “Boo” Williams, and Independent Rick Garland

County Sheriff – Independent Douglas Akers

County Judge/Executive – James “Jim” Martin

County PVA – Pete Morgan

Magistrate, District 1 – Jim Paitsel

Magistrate, District 2 – Christopher Wade Adams

Magistrate, District 3 – Hugh Caldwell

Magistrate, District 4 – Shaun Parks, Republican Rob Hitesman, and Independent Butch Busby

Constable, District 1 – Fred Fahl

Constable, District 2 – Douglas Bradley

Constable, District 4 – Mark Mayo

Those who have filed as of Aug. 14 in Hickman County for the City of Clinton: Mayor - Phyliss Campbell; City Council - Chad Frizzell, Howard Dillard, Alex Thomas, and Tommy Kimbro.

For the City of Columbus: Mayor - Kay Ferguson; and City Council - Christina Thomas, Kimberly Ferguson and Sue Jones.

For Hickman County School Board: District 1 - Caleb Deweese; District 4 - Martie Templeton; and District 5 - Thomas Dodson.