Tennesseans' votes cast, results listed

August 04, 2020

Tennesseans went to the polls Aug. 6, to cast votes for the State Primary and for Obion Countians, also for the County General Election.

Statewide results included Bill Hagerty's successful bid for Republican Primary, United States Senate, with 330,938 total votes. South Fulton voters also favored Hagerty, casting 368 ballots for him, garnering 73.6% of votes.

For the State Republican Primary for United States Senate, statewide, candidate Clifford Adkins, received 5316 votes; Natisha Brooks, 8043; Byron Bush, 5415; Roy Dale Cope, 1789; Terry Dicus, 2328; Tom Emerson, Jr., 2248; George S. Flinn, Jr., 22,429; Jon Henry, 8098; Kent A. Morrell, 1766; Glen L. Neal, Jr., 1233; John E. Osborne Aaron L. Pettigrew, 1624; , David Schuster, 2049; and Manny Sethi, 256,755.

In South Fulton, Sethi received 62 votes; Flinn, 28; Emerson, seven; Brooks, six; Adkins, five; Dicus, four; Bush, Cope, Pettigrew and Shuster, three each; Morrell and Osborne, one vote each.

For United States House of Representatives, District 8, David Kustoff was the only candidate listed on the ballot.

For Tennessee Senate, District 24, candidates, John D. Stevens won the state, with 13,059 votes, to Casey L. Hood with 8264 votes. Stevens received 270 votes in South Fulton to Hood's 215.

For Tennessee House of Representatives, District 76, statewide, candidate Tandy Darby, received 2818, and in South Fulton, 132; Dennis J. Doster recorded 1211 votes total, in South Fulton, 70; David Hawks, 158 total, 8 in South Fulton; John McMahan, 1673 total votes, 260 in South Fulton; and Keith Priestly, a total of 1564 votes, 43 in South Fulton.

For Tennessee House of Representatives, District 77, Rusty Grills was the one candidate listed on the ballot.

For the State Democratic Primary, for United States Senate, Marquita Bradshaw received a total of 117,282 votes, 36 in South Fulton; Gary G. Davis, 17 votes in South Fulton; Robin Kimbrough, 87,827 total votes and 28 in South Fulton; James Mackler, 78,507 total votes, 21 in South Fulton; and Mark Pickrell, 16,001 total votes, three in South Fulton.

For United States House of Representatives, District 8, Erika Stotts Pearson, received a total of 14,487 votes, 60 from South Fulton voters; Lawrence A. Pivnick, 4671 total votes, 18 in South Fulton; Hollis W. Skinner, 3382 total, 17 South Fulton votes; and Savannah Williamson 5784 total votes, 11 from South Fulton voters.

Tennessee Senate District 24, no candidate qualified, nor did candidates qualify for Tennessee House of Representative, District 24, Tennessee House of Representative, District 76 or Tennessee House of Representative, District 77.

For the Obion County General Election, Assessor of Property candidate Judy D. Smith was listed, as an Independent, the only candidate. She received 519 complimentary votes in South Fulton.

Obion County School Board, District 1, Tim Britt received 81 total votes in South Fulton.

One Judicial Retention Question appeared on the ballot, Court of Appeals Judge, Western Division, Carma Dennis McGee, “Shall Carma Dennis McGee be retained in office as a Judge of the Court of Appeals, Western Division, or be replaced?” Voters will have the option of voting “Retain” or “Replace”. Total votes cast for "Retain" was 60,585, and "Replace", total votes cast was 225,629. In South Fulton, there were 358 votes to Retain, and 132, to Replace.