Officer elections, Bylaw amendment approved by Ken-Tenn EMS July 20

by Barbara Atwill

Ken-Tenn EMS (Emergency Medical Service) (KTEMS) met in regular session July 20, at South Fulton City Hall with members Pete Algee, Johnny Bacon, Becky Biehslich, Hugh Caldwell, David Gallagher, Mike Gunn, and Jim Martin attending.

Officer elections were approved to remain the same for the upcoming year with Mike Gunn as President, Pete Algee as Vice President, and Becky Biehslich as Secretary/Treasurer.

The Board approved a Bylaw amendment for video attendance and procedure stating “any time participants are participating in a meeting by electronic means, it is expected that participants will devote their full attention to the meeting just as they would if attending the meeting in person. Anyone who is unable to devote his or her full attention to a meeting or is trying to attend a meeting where it may be difficult to clearly hear what others are saying and/or to be clearly heard should utilize the procedures for requesting an excused absence from the meeting.”

The Participation Agreement between the City of Fulton, City of Hickman, City of South Fulton, and Fulton County was discussed with the South Fulton changes.

“Some of the things Kirk Moore, South Fulton Attorney, put in originally were taken out, and he put them back in,” Bacon said.

Administrative Assistant Ashley Fortner said, “I don’t think we took anything out, I think where they had the Indemnification it was all put in together, but Kirk said they needed to be separated out for Tennessee. Before you approve it, you need to make sure all parties are satisfied.”

Gunn said, “I think you need to take back to our attorneys and see if there is any problem. Allison Whitledge’s, KTEMS attorney, biggest issue with the indemnification, she didn’t feel we should basically defend the company. We shouldn’t be giving ambulance service that they should stand on their own feet. She is supposed to be getting with Kirk to work out the indemnification.”

Caldwell asked, “Was there a question whether or not the Cities approved the fees?”

Gunn replied that was in the agreement also.

Gallagher stated, “I don’t think that should be in there because it is not the Cities money, Fulton, Hickman, or South Fulton. If you were taking tax money, I would understand.”

Gunn said, “The Cities are off the hook except for what they collect.”

The Participation Agreement was tabled and will review at the next meeting after the attorneys have looked at it.

Kevin Kelley, KTEMS Executive Director gave an update on the renovations at the Fulton Base.

“The demolition has been completed. The framework inside should be finishing soon, a lot of the sheetrock is going up. We finally found a plumber and he will be here next week. The painter is lined up. All the trusses are set in place and I will go Wednesday to pick up the metal for the roof. We will miss the Aug. 5 deadline, but hopefully not more than a week or two. Cash wise we should be under budget. Some materials are coming in cheaper. We have added a fire alarm and control system and some cameras for around $3,500. I think we have spent under $30,000, but I haven’t paid Daniel yet. We have been going and getting some materials to keep the tax off. I’m hoping we come in significantly below our budgeted $120,000, because we will need some asphalt for parking,” Kelley said.

“We are looking at about 23 students for August. We need at least 10, and we are at 13 or 14 for the basic class and eight to 10 for the Advanced class. I would have loved to have 20 for the Advanced for the revenue, but the eight or 10 will be good to get our feet wet,” Kelley continued.

The Board approved the May 2021 and the June 2021 Financial Statements.

Gunn noted the KTEMS is down to $223,000 on paying the County back.

The KTEMS Director’s Report by Kelley included, “The numbers are over last year’s and everything else is running pretty normal. We have resumed training and hoping to finish the refresher class Wednesday or Saturday. I’m hoping to do our own training next year. We should come ahead $4,000 - $5,000, with training our people. Runs are pretty steady.”

Algee said, “I have noticed we are going in the hole deep in Hickman. We have more “No” than “Yes”.

Kelley said, “This is actually the first month that it has been flipped with more ‘Yes’ than ‘No.’ We have some regulars that were calling us for lifting and I started billing them and they have stopped calling. That may be part of the offset. I talked to Carrie (Schmidt) at the City of Hickman and asked her how they are getting so many for non-payment. I asked if they were giving the residents of Hickman an option and she said yes, because if they don’t and come back later and they ask to take it back off, they have a lot of paperwork to be completed. I informed her it was really hurtful for the ambulance side.”

Gallagher said he didn’t know they were doing this and would say something to them.

Fortner’s Administrative Assistant Report included, “I don’t have a lot of changes. Memberships picked up in June, July and August. I still trying to get the USDA to help with the Fulton base renovations. We. Have officially received $76,000 in grant funds. Also, I have been sending out letters and 10 to 12 have been added back on the list.”