Fundraising honors Coach Knott

October 08, 2018

(Editor’s Note: The following was submitted by South Fulton High School students Valeria Rico and Carlie Rodgers)

The South Fulton High School Red Devils’ football team faced Dresden, Tenn. at home Sept. 28.

After a few weeks of Coach Eric Knott being gone for cancer treatment, he came home to a victory of 14 - 12.

The game was exciting and had all fans on their feet. Cheering the players on were the cheerleaders along with the very supportive crowd and not to forget the coaches, including Coach Knott. Coach Knott’s presence hyped the players up.

South Fulton’s head football coach, Eric Knott, was recently diagnosed with throat cancer.

South Fulton’s Athletic Booster Club started up a t-shirt sale to raise money for his medical bills.

When the t-shirt sale was over, they ended up raising over $1,000 with the sale.

On the day of the game, the South Fulton Cheerleaders decorated donation buckets to pass around to the fans.

They ended up raising another $1,000 just in one night.

At the third quarter of the football game, Coach Eric Knott and his wife, Jamie Knott, were given all the money that was raised. It was an emotional night for our coaches, players, and fans. The grand finale was a Red Devil victory over Dresden.