October 29, 2022

Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce, Fulton, Ky. - South Fulton, Tenn. Board of Directors is now seeking candidates to fill the position of Executive Director.

Job Description, Part-Time

General Summary:

The Executive Director will be responsible for developing, promoting, and planning

events and functions. They will report to and communicate effectively with the Board of

Directors on needs, ideas, and opportunities. The director will develop and implement an

annual budget and organizational plan that promotes growth in Twin Cities and our Chamber

members. The Executive Director is enthusiastic, creative, well organized, professional, and

capable of functioning well in an independent environment.

The Executive Director must be able to work well and represent both The Fulton and

South Fulton Communities. They must also maintain working relationships and be professional

with all representatives for the Twin Cities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Membership Development – The Executive Director will serve as a liaison between

Members and the Board of directors. They shall strive for development and retention of current

and future membership prospects. The director will be required to make business visits each

month and report back to the board. They will be required to execute annual membership

campaigns, new member welcomes, and ribbon cuttings as necessary. The Director will need to

analyze and interpret the needs of members and make recommendations to increase

membership value, engagement, and support. Overall, the goal of the Chamber of Commerce is

to help grow and promote our current members and promote new business in the Twin Cities.

Board of Directors – The Executive Director will be required to maintain a good

relationship and strong lines of communications with the Board of Directors. They will be

responsible for organizing Board Meetings and coordinating committees for the events. The

Director will also be responsible for gathering the nominations for new Board Members each


Interpretation of Bylaws- The Executive Director will ensure that the Chamber bylaws

are properly kept up to date and implemented. They will assist the Board and Necessary

committees in interpretation or amendment as needed.

Office Duties – Office duties required will be checking the mail, answering the

telephones, filing, answering emails, and basic day to day clerical duties. The Executive Director

will handle financial duties such as invoicing members, receiving payments, paying bills,

reconciling the accounts, and preparing the Financials. The Board of Directors are to be

presented with financials each month with the entire board acting as Treasurer. The Minutes,

the Agenda, and the Financials from the previous month are to be sent to the Board via email

one week prior to the Meetings. Meetings are held the last Thursday of the Month at noon at

the Chamber office.

Events – The Executive Director will present event opportunities to the Board. They will

oversee all event preparation and coordinate with the Board on Volunteer needs to carry out

event objectives. The Director will be responsible for garnering community support and

sponsorship as needed. Each new and existing event must include a budget and receive

approval from the Board of Directors. Events include but are not limited too The Chamber

Banquet (April), The Golf Tournament (October), Ladies Night Out (November), and Shop Small

Saturday (November.) There may be other events that the Chamber would partner with a different organization for but those are to be approved by the board.

Social Media/ Website – The Executive Director will be responsible for managing the

Twin Cities Chamber Facebook page and website. They will be required to maintain a strong

social media presence to support our businesses. The Director will be expected to maintain a

degree of professionalism at all times on social media as they are representing the Twin Cities.

The Director will also be required to email out newsletters and any up-and-coming news to


General Requirements – The Executive Director should have time management skills,

the ability to prioritize responsibilities, strong communication skills, be reliable, self-motivated,

outgoing, and able to motivate others. They should have a positive disposition, strong

networking and leadership skills, and be able to present a professional image whenever

representing the Chamber. The Director should be able to maintain good relationships and

generate respect and support from businesses, the board, community groups, and city officials.

Other information – Position is part time, Minimum 12 hours a week except for during

Chamber events with potential room for growth. Some of these events will require a few more

hours. Office hours can be negotiated with the Board upon hiring. Salary is set for $17,000 a

year, with a year-end bonus based on new members and retention. Candidate must be able to

work with programs such as word, excel, QuickBooks, and any other necessary programs

needed to complete the job. Candidate must have knowledge or be willing to learn the financial

duties pertaining to this position. The Executive Director will answer to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has the right to request information, files, and financial information at

any time. The Board of directors also has the right to request a random drug screening at any


Professional Resumes complete with three references can be emailed to