Fulton Countians return Williams to Jailer’s post

by Barbara Atwill

Fulton County residents went to the polls on Nov. 6 to cast their votes in the General Election.

The unofficial results are:

Republican James Comer will return for a second term as Kentucky First District’s United States Representative, receiving 69% of the vote to Democrat Paul Walker’s 31%, according to unofficial results.

James R. Comer, with 1193 votes, won over Paul Walker, 696 votes in Fulton County for U.S. Representative in Congress for the First District.

Kentucky State Representative Steven Jack Rudy, a Republican, won his seat in the District 1 race, with 5764 votes to Democrat Desiree Owen’s 3480 votes.

Incumbent State Representative Steven Jack Rudy received 1187 votes in Fulton County over Desiree Owen, of Ballard County, who received 710 votes in Fulton County.

Running unopposed and the votes received were:

Commonwealth Attorney Michael B. Stacy, 1362 votes;Fulton Circuit Clerk Jaime Mathews, 1427 votes; Fulton County Property Valuation Administrator Pete Morgan, 1452 votes; Fulton County Judge/Executive James “Jim” Martin, 1407 votes; County Attorney Richard L. Major, Jr, 1488 votes; Naomi Tuisl Jones, 1583 votes; Fulton County Coroner Matt Moss, 1466 votes; and First District Judge Hunter B. Whitesell II received 1440 votes.

Fulton County Sheriff candidate Derek Eugene Goodson, 1376 votes, easily won over Douglas Akers, with 366 votes

Highly contested campaign for Fulton County Jailer was won by Steven “Boo” Williams with 1068, and Rick Garland received 849 votes.

In the Magistrates race Jim Paitsel received 340 votes for District 1; Christopher wade Adams, 451 votes for District 2; Hugh Caldwell, 356 votes for District 3; and District 4 was won by Shaun Parks with 232 votes. Others running for Magistrate District 4 were Butch Busby, 100 votes, and Rob Hitesman with 76 votes.

Fred Fahl received 340 votes in the Constable District 1 race; Douglas Bradley 412 votes in District 2; and Mark Mayo, District 4, received 304 votes

Write-in Candidate for District 3 Constable winner was Leonard Smith received 143 votes over Benjamin K. Gilkey, who received 63 votes.

Fulton County School Board member for District 1, Barry L. Patrick received 179 votes; District 2, Rob Garrigan, 149 votes; and District 4, Kimberly Hagler, 133 votes. Each of these candidates were running unopposed.

Fulton Independent School District votes cast for candidates included Carol Bransford, 422; Christy T. Pettigrew, 385; and Rea Jones, 364.

Fulton Mayor David S. Prater, Jr., received 475 votes.

Candidates in the City Commissioners for the City of Fulton were Jeff Vaughn, 426 votes; Elaine Forrester, 366 votes; Martha Poe Vowell, 343 votes; and Darcy Linn, 330 votes.

Hickman City Commissioner Heath Carlton won his bid for Mayor for the City of Hickman with 363 votes, and Write-in candidate Barak “Beau” Choate received 113 votes.

Phillip Williams was re-elected to the Hickman City Commission with 352 votes; along with James Adams, 341 votes; former Mayor Judy Powell, 334 votes; and Robert Griggs, 325 votes. John Wiley Gannon received 264 votes.

The Constitutional Amendment on the ballot received 1109 “Yes” votes, and 529 “No” votes.