December 28, 2022

Following the cancellation of the Twin Cities' annual 'Santa Escort Event' on Christmas Eve, which customarily includes "Santa's" drive through Twin Cities' neighborhoods atop Fulton and South Fulton firetrucks, Fulton City Manager Mike Gunn and South Fulton City Manager Joyce Gray, after having been made aware of questions regarding the cancellation, have released the following information, today.

The decision to cancel the event on Christmas Eve was made entirely by Fulton City Manager Mike Gunn's office and Lieutenant Nathan Lamb with consultation of the other team members working on this

event, including South Fulton City Manager Joyce Gray, South Fulton Fire Department and Fulton Tourism Commission Interim Executive Director Kenney Etherton, discussions took place between the team for both Cities before making a final decision.

Fulton Fire Chief Jeremy Martin was out of town visiting family during the holidays and had no part in cancelling the event.

Fulton City Manager Gunn had command of the Fire Department during the time of the decision.

Rationale for the decision was the following:

 At the time of the event, it was forecasted to be 21 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind of 7 mph which factored to a 7 degree Fahrenheit actual.

 Roads were hazardous and covered with frozen precipitation which was going to take a 3-hour event and turn it into a 5-hour event, increasing the single digit exposure to staff and apparatus.

 This practice of traversing all City streets would also expose valuable apparatus to the potential for damage from sliding off the road or freezing of the fire pumps etc.

 Multiple warnings put out to the public telling them to stay indoors, so did not want to encourage folks to come outside.

 Both departments for the Twin Cities decided to cancel the event.