Fulton County, Hickman County students compete, place in Calloway Co. Invitational

September 11, 2018

Barbara Atwill

Several schools and some runners not attached with a school participated in the Calloway County Invitational Sept. 8 at Calloway County High School.

The top female in the Elementary Mixed 1600 Meter run was Gabby Ault of St. Mary with a time of 6:57.46. Top male was Elias Braboy of Saints Peter with a time of 6:17.72.

Chloe McClure of Fulton County crossed the line in fifth place with a time of 7:45.61, in the Women’s 1600 Run, and Schaeffer Sipes of Fulton County finished in second place, in the Men’s 1600 Run, at 6:17.94.

The Middle School Girls 2500 Meter run was won by Drake Calhoon of Calloway Middle at 10:51.60.

Hickman County runner Audrey Tucker finished in 28th place at 11:59.28 and Fulton County runner McKayden McClure finished 63rd, with a time of 13:01.92.

Tobias Duncan of Saints Peter won the Middle School Boys 2500 Meter Run in 8:48.92.

Runners from Fulton County and Hickman County included Daniel Collins, Fulton County, 26th place, 10:39.53; Jacob Dodson, Hickman County, 27th place, 10:41.69; Elijah Goodman, Hickman County, 28th place, 10:43.04; Isaiah Pettit, Hickman County, 36th place, 11:04.59; JB Johnson, Hickman County, 41st place, 11:16.10; James Clark, Hickman County, 76th place, 12.22.82; Luke Polsgrove, Hickman County, 89th place; 12:03.98; and Bentley Boaz, Hickman County, 93rd place, 13:13.49.

Hickman County runner earned enough points to receive fifth place with a total time of 56:08.24, an average time of 11:13.65. McCracken County took top team honors.

Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run finals winner was Samantha Anderson of Stewart County High School, at 22:09.70.

Marlena Sipes of Fulton County earned 10th place, 23:59.25; Emma Madding, Fulton County, 20th place, 25.22.17; Callie Coulson, Fulton County, 21st place, 26:14.15; Emma Harris, Hickman County, 39th place, 28:25.79; Kathryn Stahr, Hickman County, 46th place, 30:10.55; and Yulan Werking, Fulton County, 70th place, 41:54.20.

The 5000 Meter Fun Finals for Varsity Boys winner was Tomas Duncan, University Heights, 16:46.79.

Runners from Fulton County included: Isaac Madding, 18:40.14; Hayden Murphy, 27th place, 20:22.77; Wesley Brown, 30th place, 20:43.39; Chade Everett, 31st place, 20:44.21; Luke Jackson, 50th place, 22:07.67; Jay Sipes, 53rd place, 22:13.39; and Logan Griffiths, 58th place, 22:48.58.

Hickman County runners were Nick Coffey, Hickman, County, second place, 17:43.36; Zeke Goodman, Hickman County, 24th place, 20:11.41; Samuel Dodson, Hickman County, 33rd place, 20:48.18; Austin Puckett, 44th place, 21:27.92; Daniel Tacker, 52nd place, 22:09.74; Tolley Cole, 63rd place, 23:40.39; and David Franklin, 78th place, 26:07.13.

Fulton County received 93 team points, placing them in third place. Scores were 6+11+23+26+27 (42+45). Times 2:32 1-5 Split, 19:44 Average.

Hickman County received 134 team points, earning sixth place. Their scores were 2+21+29+38+44 (52+62). Team times were 4:26 1-5 Split, 20:28 Average.

Fulton County Track Coach Jamie Madding stated, “I’m proud of the kids for another strong showing from Fulton Co. We had three girls medal in the Girls’ Varsity race, two boys medal in the Boys’ Varsity race and a medalist in the girl’s and boy’s elementary race. The Boys’ Varsity team brought home the third place trophy and they continue to want to get better. That’s been our theme this season and the kids seem very bought in.”