April 11, 2024

During March, Fulton Independent School District's Carr Elementary teachers challenged the students to a "Book March Madness". Each class had a challenge to read the most books starting March 4 - March 25. For each book to count, students had to pass an Accelerated Reader test with a 80% or above. The winning class was able to pick a staff member they wanted to "give" a pie in the face. There were four winners total. Jayce Embrey of 1st grade decided to pie Tiffanie Fields. Jaziyah Lockett of 2nd grade decided to pie Taylor Rivera. There were two 5th graders that tied, Cynthia Daniels decided to pie Summer Frields and DJ Readenour decided to pie Danielle Cruse. As a school total, 591 books were read and had a passing grade of 80% or above. (Photos submitted.)