Fulton Co. School Board to consider formation of trap shooting team

by Barbara Atwill

The Fulton County Board of Education, meeting in regular session May 26, heard from Superintendent Patrice Chambers, as she announced the awarding of Best Pilot in the House to Bridget Atwill, and Special Spotlight recipients for May, Hickman Police Chief Tony Grogan and recently elected Fulton County Sheriff, and current SRO, Chad Parker.

Board members Brian Emmons, Rob Garrigan, Kim Hagler, and Perry Turner were in attendance. Barry Patrick was absent.

In reference to Atwill’s recognition, Chambers said “this individual has a great relationship with our preschool parents, is always willing to go the extra mile to be sure she is prepared and helps with anything that is needed. She loves all our children.”

Chambers said Hickman Chief of Police Tony Grogan is at the school every morning, talking with the students and giving hugs,” Chambers said.

“We have a new Sheriff in town and my second award goes to our SRO Chad Parker,” Chambers said.

Chambers recognized staff with perfect attendance for the past year, Donna Bridges, Rodney Mitchell, Cecilia Wilkerson, Deena Anderson, Leonard Smith, Ellen Murphy, Kari McConnel, Jennifer Davis, and Julie Jackson.

Rick Major of Hickman addressed the Board on considering having a “Trap Team” at Fulton County.

“We currently have four youth participating on the Marshall County Trap team and will be competing at the State Tournament on June 11 at Berea. Marshall County has a total of 43 team members and were very welcoming to Fulton County joining their team. I would like to ask the Board to consider having a team at Fulton County. This is a way to involve students who don’t do other sports. There will be no cost to the school, and the kid’s costs will be 16 boxes of shotgun shells and targets. There are over 30 Kentucky schools that have teams and McCracken County is the largest team. We would be Title IX compliant for grades Sixth through Twelfth. The students would need to pass a firearm safety certificate, which I believe should be taught in school anyways. A Trap team is less expensive than cheerleading or golf,” Major said.

“Fulton County Alumni Football Association has sponsored a community clay target shooting team and we would like permission from the school to use the school name so that we can compete against the other Kentucky High School teams. No activities will occur on school property, however. Most schools do allow the students who participate to earn a “letter” for participation. Since the League formed in 2001, there have been zero accidents or injuries. Insurance is provided fully through the league,” Major continued.

Major said since the request was publicly announced numerous students and families have contacted him, wanting to participate.

“Most of the students who have contacted me do not participate in traditional athletic programs at Fulton County. The Citizens Bank and Coffey Construction have agreed to help sponsor if we have students who need assistance. Students who do not have a gun will be offered the use of an appropriate fitting gun for practice and competition. All competition will be local and no student will be required to travel unless they choose to compete in the one day State competition. There are Trap scholarships for students. Fulton County has had recipients of these scholarships through 4-H Shooting Sports,” Major said.

Jennifer Burkeen, parent of a Fulton County High School Senior, said, “I think this is wonderful. I have a child graduating and it is good for non-athletic kids.”

“I broke my neck when I was four and can’t play competitive sports. I think is a good opportunity for me and others” Lee Uzzle, Fulton County student said.

Chad Parker, Fulton County Schools SRO said he had 25 years as an instructor and takes safety very seriously. He told the board It is an extremely safe program handled by instructors.

“ I support it. Some kids are not built for sports and this is a good opportunity for students. I would love to see the blue and gold bring home a trophy,” he said.

Superintendent Chambers asked how the team would be chosen.

“There are no restrictions. If a student wants to join, they are a member,” Major said. “I have talked with Hickman Mayor Heath Carlton and he has said we could use the city’s range, and there are sponsors willing to help get the range ready.”

The Board took the request under advisement.

A request for facilities for Youth Football was approved by the Board.

In the Superintendent’s Notification of Personnel action, listed was the hiring of Nicki Thompson, Middle School Principal effective July 1; Leslie Beth Jackson and Kendra Maxwell, Substitutes; and Brey Jones, Elementary Guidance Counselor effective July 1.

Retirements include Dianne Owen, Assistant Superintendent, and Jodi Kirk, Speech Therapist effective Oct. 1. Transfers are Kim Dublin, Interim Assistant Superintendent effective July 1 and Ashley Moore, Elementary teacher effective July 1.

Resignations included Chan Malray, High School Physical Education; and Non-Renewals, Madison Penrod, Elementary teacher, and Lauren Black, Middle School Teacher.

During Patrice Chamber’s Superintendent’s Report, she said, “We have had a wonderful year. We had a total of $3.2 million in grants, the High School has 72% of their Seniors College and Career Ready. We have had a successful testing thanks to Ms. Owens, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Murphy, and Ms. Gibbs. We had a successful awards ceremonies on all levels and $300,000 in scholarships. We will be purchasing Reading and Math textbooks for the first time.”

Student related trip requests were approved by the Board for FFA State Convention, FFA Camp, Fulton County Middle School and Fulton County High School State Track competition, and HOSA.

Heather Box, Four Rivers Career Academy Health Instructor, explained to the board members that because of COVID, students had been unable to go to competitions, with all competitions online. She announced Autumn Mitchell placed Third in State and is eligible to go to International competition in Nashville.

“We have come to you tonight to ask for support for costs. Her family has paid half of the transportation. She still need funds for the hotel and for meals, estimating $590,” Box said.

The Board approved assisting with the expenses for the trip.

In other business, the Board approved the amended 2021-2022 Calendar with the opening day Aug. 24, first day for students Aug. 25, and Disaster Days Nov. 11, 12, Jan. 20, and Feb. 4, 7, and 24.
The 2022-23 Lawn Card Bid from Flener Lawn Care for $29,975 and the Summer Feeding Contract with Murray Head Start for the Early Head Start for $687.36 were both approved, as was the Mountain Comprehensive Care Contract for 2022-2023 for School Based Therapy/Counseling Services Agreement.
The 2022-2023 Certified Salary Schedules; 2022-2023 Classified Salary Schedules 2022-2023 Extra Service supplements; 2022-2023 Position and Number of Days; and 2022-2023 Coaching Supplements were given board approval.

The Board approved the termination of the 2021-2022 SRO effective June 1, 2022 and will advertise for a new SRO to be ready when school starts in August.

Two new buses, which will include cameras, air, and tinted windows for safety, were approved for purchase.
Single Silver Dental Coverage benefit will begin in January 2023, following action taken by the board.

Jennifer Davis, Chief Financial Officer, presented the Tentative Budget Report for Fiscal Year 2023.

“Total Revenue Actuals for this year were $7,984,945.26 and projected Revenues for Fiscal Year 2023 are $8,299,255.62. Total Expense Actuals for this year were $7,984,945.26, with projected Expenses for Fiscal Year 2023 at $8,299,255.62,” Davis said.
The Finance Officer’s Performance Bond of $150,000 and the Tentative Budget for 2022-2023 was approved.

Jennifer Davis presented the Financial Report which included Year-to-Date Actuals, $5,266,803.99, against a budget of $49,967,767, or 106.02%.

She reported Last Year-to-Date Actuals were $4,248,287.04, against a budget of $5007,344, or $84.84%. Year-to-Date Expenses Actuals are $3,044,638.73, against a budget of $4,967,767, or 61.29%. Last Year-to-Date Expenses Actuals were $2,719,241.08, against a budget of $5,007,344, of 54.31%.”