Fulton County’s Cross Country state appearance results listed

November 05, 2019
Fulton County’s Cross Country team competed at the state level of competition Nov. 2. (Photo submitted) Fulton County’s Cross Country team competed at the state level of competition Nov. 2. (Photo submitted)

Fulton County’s Cross Country teams competed in the State Cross Country Class A Meet held Nov. 2, at New Horse Park in Lexington.

“This has been an amazing season that truthfully I’m not ready to end. These kids have absolutely worked their tails off, boys and girls, all season. The boys went into the Regional meet ranked fifth out of eight teams and qualified for state by finishing fourth at Regionals. The girls came into regionals undefeated in the Region and number one out of eight teams and won the Regional Championship. Both teams ran phenomenal Saturday at State. Several lifetime personal records. The boys finished 23 out of 38 state teams and moved up yet another spot being the third finishing Regional team of the five that went to state. The girls finished 16 out of 30 state teams and once again the top finishing team of the five Regional teams that made it to state, securing their undefeated season. I am so proud of all of these kids and they have just been a pleasure to coach. I love them all and will never forget this season,” Coach Madding.

The Varsity Boys 5,000 meter run was won by DK Schnieders, Junior, of Holy Cross (Louisville), with a time of 16:04.22, from a field of 286 competitors.

Fulton County’s runners included Wesley Brown, ninth grade, 81st place, 18:57.38, earning 73 points; Chade Everett, Sophomore, 123rd place, 19:29.55, 109 points; Daniel Collins, eighth grade, 140th place, 19:44.25, 121 points; Harrison Posey, Junior, 181st place, 20:14.87, 156 points; Jay Sipes, Sophomore, 188th place, 20:17.90, 162 points; Mark Berg, Senior, 239th place, 21:24.41, 205 points; and Logan Griffiths, eighth grade, 242nd place, 21:31.32, 208 points.

Combined Fulton County team points earned them 23rd place, out of 38 teams, with a total of 621 points.

The Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter Run Finals was won by Anna Rupp, Sophomore at Lexington Christian, with a time of 18:58.46, from a field of 232 competitors.

The girls of Fulton County placements were McKayden McClure, seventh grade, 67th place, 22:32.56, 58 points; Emma Madding, eighth grade, 87th place, 23:02.05, 71 points; Marlena Sipes, Senior, 92nd place, 23:08.60, 75 points; Callie Coulson, Junior, 129th place, 24:25.29, 105 points; Hannah Varden, eighth grade, 174 place, 26:02.35, 135 points; Caylee Slinkard, seventh grade, 227th place, 32:35.26, 183 points; and Taylor Everett, Sophomore, 229th place, 32:58.40, 185 points.

Team points earned by Fulton County’s girls were 444, placing them in 16th place from a field of 30 teams, 58+71+75+105+135 (183+185), 3:29 1-5 Split | 23:50 Avg.