Railroaders July 22 game to be completed July 26, followed by 7-inning game

July 23, 2021

Thursday night’s Fulton Railroader's game with the Henderson Flash came to an abrupt halt in the 6th inning. The home plate umpire walked off the field after complaining about harassment.

The Henderson Flash team was scheduled to be back in Fulton on Monday to make up a rained-out game from a few days ago. The matchup on Monday will now be a sort of hybrid double header.

The game will begin at 5:00 p.m., and play the remainder of Thursday's game that was unfinished. Then, there will be a brief break to dress the field.

Following that break, YOUR RAILROADERS will play a 7-inning game to finish out the evening.

Thanks for your support of YOUR FULTON RAILROADERS!!