January 11, 2019

FULTON COUNTY FISCAL COURT, HICKMAN, JAN. 14, 6 P.M.-- Agenda items include call to order, pledge of allegiance, invocation, minutes, report from county attorney and county treasurer, executive session, adjustment of pay for Fulton Count Fiscal Court members, Fulton County Sheriff's quarterly report from Derek Goodson, County Clerk's End of Year report from Betty Abernathy, Harp contract for election equipment, from Naomi Jones, report on Jail Community Services projects review board panel, Fulton County Dispatch center policy and procedures manual for 2019, Fulton County Riverport Authority county board member appointment, Futon County Wildlife and Waterfowl Conservation and Education Board Count Ex-Officio member appointment, request from Fulton County senior citizens for payment of bills, Treasurer's and Finance Officer's quarterly report, Fulton County employees, transfers, jail kitchen bills, bills, other items not listed on agenda.

FULTON CITY COMMISSION, FULTON, JAN. 14, 6 P.M.-- Agenda items include swearing in of Mayor and Commissioners by Judge Hunter B. Whitesell II, approval of minutes from Dec. 10 regular meeting, approval of minutes of special called meeting Dec. 27, remarks and requests from visitors, voucher review, first reading of ordinance 2019-01 amending chapter 10, section 10-132, section L, section 302 and subsection 302.8 motor vehicles to include procedures for the removal of abandoned and junked motor vehicles located within the corporate boundaries of the city, other business from City Manager, Commissioners, Mayor, City Attorney, executive session

HICKMAN CTY COMMISSION, HICKMAN, JAN. 14, 7 P.M. -- Agenda includes invocation, pledge of allegiance, call to order, roll call, approval of minutes from Dec. 10 and Dec. 20, special called meetings, public comments/presentations, code enforcement updates from Chief Grogan, fire department update from Chief Amberg, Public Works update from City Manager, City Manager reports, unfinished business including board appointments for electric board, Commissioner James Adams for two year term, Housing Authority for Commissioner Judy Powell, two year term, Riverport Authority for Mayor Heath Carlton, for four year term, Mayor protem, Commissioner Phillip Williams, Resolution 18-103, Employee Screening Agreement reading and adoption, motion to hire part time Police Officer Michael Vowell, effective Jan. 2, motion to hire Matt Bing as Water Treatment Plant Operator fulltime position, permanent, Jan. 15, motion to accept resignation from Joe Cheirs effective Jan. 18, discussion and motion on new central unit at Public Works building, discussion on installation of gas meter at gate, executive session

SOUTH FULTON CITY COMMISSION SPECIAL CALLED SESSION, SOUTH FULTON, JAN. 15, 4 P.M. -- Agenda includes the interview of an applicant for the position of City Manager by the Mayor and City Commissioners