Hickman County School's Note to Parents regarding school work drop off

March 26, 2020

(Editor’s Note: The following was submitted by Richard Todd, Hickman County Elementary School Principal)

Tomorrow (March 27), HCES will have drop-off bins for all grade levels at the HCES concession stand (which is also the breakfast/lunch pick-up point) from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. We plan to offer the same service next Friday (April 3). Please ensure that your child’s name is on the work, and drop off the work at HCES if you are able. To be clear, I have instructed teachers to NOT go to your vehicles and take the work from you. Rather, parents and students will need to place the work in designated bins themselves. If the drop-off times are not convenient for you, please communicate with your child’s teachers regarding a method and time to return assignments. It is important that we get all assignments completed and returned to HCES.

Other points of information that you need:

First of all, we are still on track for students to return to school on April 20. Of course, that could change in coming weeks, but that is the plan right now. Let’s hope it happens!

Second, HCES students should have assignments to complete through NTI week 3 (March 30-April 3). Our teachers and staff have done a terrific job in getting assignments prepared and to the students, and all of you have been wonderful in picking up assignments, communicating with teachers, and helping your child complete their assignments. Thank you.

The Hickman County Board of Education approved NTI week 4 (April 13-17) earlier this week. Teachers have those assignments and activities ready; we will contact you about getting those to you and having them ready for pick-up. Plan for the new assignments to go out on April 13.

Spring break is coming up soon (April 6-10). We are hoping for some sunshine and warm weather to allow students to get out and play while still maintaining “social distancing.” We hope your child is caught up with their assignments and can use that week to relax.

Our fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade teachers have offered an electronic method of turning in assignments. We encourage you to try it for those grades levels.

State testing has been suspended for this year. That means when our students return, we will not have to worry about doing the K-PREP; that means that we can teach some new content, review what students have learned this year, and finish out the semester with our fun end-of-year events such as Field Day. We desperately want students to end the school year on a positive note.

Finally, we are taking grades on these assignments. Your child is still accountable for completing his or her work. Again, these grades matter…please complete all assignments and turn them in.

Finally, many of you have probably heard by now that I will be retiring at the end of the school year. I did turn in a letter of resignation last week to Superintendent Casey Henderson; that was done to expedite the hiring of my successor so that I can have through June 30 to train that person to help smooth the transition. I am not moving to another job, nor am I unhappy here; in fact, quite the opposite is true. I love this school, my staff, the students, and this community, and think I have made a positive difference here. However, I am eligible for retirement, and financially, it did not make much sense to continue. I plan to spend more time with my two children, travel more with my wife, and figure out what I want to do when I grow up…

Parents, continue to support our school and your children during this time. Thanks for all you do.